Nachricht unseres Ansprechpartners aus Indien/Mitraniketan: “Kerala people started coming from other parts of India & abroad. Selected of them will be quarantined in different Public institutions.

In Mitraniketan our Boys hostel has also given for the purpose (quarantine centre). It was disinfected by the Fire Force yesterday. But one room for one person…so we have sixteen  big rooms for sixteen persons. They will accommodate one in one room only.

We are also doing our work to prevent corona virus. — a) Producing cotton Mask & giving to village houses/women & Children. — b) distributing dry food (rice etc) to community kitchen. They will cook food & supply to 250 poor & Old people everyday until Lock down is over. we donated food/cooking materials for 7 days for 250 persons per day to the village commune president. — c) Creating awareness among people.”

So helfen die Armen den noch Bedürftigeren und sorgen dafür, dass das Virus sich nicht rasant in der Umgebung der Schule ausbreitet.